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feedback about emotional management coaching

Below is a selection of feedback I have had from coaching clients. 

'Allegra gently encouraged me to explore my emotions further with a separate exercise, and over the last few months I have allowed myself not to suppress these so much.'


'The emotional audit quite surprised me because I think I'm fine and then go through the list and see it’s different than I thought – just goes to show how much we put others first and forget about ourselves!'


‘Allegra has helped me through her understanding of issues surrounding stress… her support is worth its weight in gold!’

'My day to day stress has decreased!' 


'It's very important that we pause and think about our own feelings and emotional responses and health. I will take more time to consider my own needs, try to communicate these more assertively in the workplace and find time to meet my own personal needs both in the workplace and home setting. I think it was a really valuable session. Allegra is very open and easy to talk to.'

'The work books have helped me recognise problems sooner, so that I recognise when I am prone to getting irritable.'

'I had issues with anger management, I now stop and think as a result of coaching. I recommend Allegra's services to others.'

feedback about EMPOWERMENT coaching

'Confirmation of my strengths and exploration of my weaknesses has challenged me to discuss them. This alone has allowed me to be aware of them and I notice a subtle change in my thinking/approach when I'm at work. We have explored how I can use this knowledge to my advantage when working on departmental projects.'

'Coaching is useful in helping me think in a different way about work and priorities e.g. via the picture cards, which tap into a different part of the brain. Allegra is good at taking time to let my answers come to mind and not leaping in too quickly. I am now more aware and have stopped saying 'yes' to please others - rather than because I agree.'


'Highly recommend Allegra, her feedback and support were on time. In addition, her friendly manner makes you feel welcomed and open to express your thoughts and feelings. She is very supportive, encouraging and empowering.'


'I have recently had the opportunity to make use of Allegra's coaching skills and can highly recommend her services. She has a knack of being able to guide your thinking, always making sure you feel that you are firmly in control of your decisions and choices. She is great at role playing to help you to see where your reactions are coming from and how you can work on improving them. I have greatly progressed during our sessions together over the last few months - get in touch with her and let her work her magic on you!'

'Allegra actively listened to me and asked me questions that made me think and work things out, in a challenging but supportive and very encouraging way. Allegra used analogies to help me to look at situations differently. She encouraged me to think about challenges clearly and make plans to make positive change happen.'

'Allegra really helped me to build my confidence and explore the options with regard to my career. We worked on understanding my strengths and experience, exploring what my be next career wise and also some very useful techniques for feeling empowered/managing anxiety.'

client feedback about interview coaching

'The rapport I built with Allegra was exceptional and allowed me to enhance my career to the next stage. Allegra gave me invaluable advice on career progression and helped me enormously with an upcoming interview I had. I am happy to say I was successful in gaining the new role and I am extremely grateful to Allegra for all the support she gave me during the process.'


'I really appreciate your help with interview skills for the <redacted> interview back in 2020. I am now very happy to have made the switch to the role I was in when I met you. I am a lot happier in my work and I believe I am where I'm supposed to be.'

'I wanted to let you know that I was successful in my application for the <redacted> role!  I am thrilled – more so to have got amazing feedback on my interview than even the role itself.  Thanks for all your support and I’ll speak to you next week (note my newly agreed job title below!)'

'I have been made an offer' (for the role I wanted) 'thank you for all your help. Your input certainly helped me answer the questions effectively on the day.'

'Just want to say a HUGE thank you to you for everything you’ve done to support me on this journey. What a fantastic, positive ending to our coaching sessions – I previously never had the confidence to go for an internal interview but the work you have done with me has made a massive difference, from identifying my strengths and areas of interest, to thoroughly prepping me for the interview itself. I felt well prepared and (although I did waffle a bit due to nerves) am pleased with how I showed up and delighted to have been offered the role.'

'During my final session Allegra helped prepare me for an internal interview. The work and research she had put into this and the coaching she gave was outstanding and I got the job ;-) I would thoroughly recommend Allegra. I made so much progress due to my sessions.'

client feedback about confidence coaching

'Allegra encouraged me to reflect critically on some aspects of my approach to the transition from the military into the civilian world, which enabled me to see things from a subtly different perspective.'

'What was invaluable was the opportunity to discuss, in a psychologically safe space, how I might use my strengths to move forward.'

'By giving me an insight into my own thoughts and behaviours, Allegra has given me some useful tools to improve my own self confidence and these have had a positive impact upon my confidence in the workplace and my work as a whole.'

'I now understand that I can be confident in my abilities. I can make decisions so long as I feel comfortable.  Very helpful and detailed analysis. Allegra put me at my ease and helped to put my ideas into practice.


'I cannot recommend Allegra and her behavioural workbooks highly enough. Self-improvement books are everywhere and it can be difficult to know how to choose the right approach for you. Allegra Stone’s Inner Confidence Workbook has really helped me coach myself into finding the answers I needed. I can work through it at a time and pace to suit myself which is ideal as a busy manager.  The questions can be challenging but they work. Allegra really helps you to get to the root of the problem and I have successfully embedded new habits which have helped my performance both at work and at home. I feel I can tackle anything now.'


'The coaching sessions took place in a non-threatening, well-paced and supportive atmosphere. Allegra encouraged honesty and made it clear there were no judgements being made, which helped to explore a wide range of possibilities on the journey to identify solutions. I strongly recommend Allegra to others for coaching.'

'Allegra helped me gain insight and understand myself better. She explained my leadership profile is strong which I think will give me confidence in the future to explore this potential further. Allegra offered me a few strategies to cope with a few areas of difficulty. This sparked a interest in art...'

'You are approachable, you don't judge, you listen. You reinforced the elements that I undertake well, and gave practical advice going forward to develop the elements that I need to work on.'

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