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workplace mediation client reviews

'The mediation was considered very positive on both sides, so I am really, really pleased with the outcome, thank you! We really appreciated your swift and supportive response to this.'

Allegra created a safe environment that enabled all the parties involved to talk respectfully, in a peaceful manner and understand each other. Rules were established at the beginning and a plan of action was established at the end, always making sure the parties involved agreed with all the steps to adopt. There was nothing to improve, it was perfect. Tensions have been resolved and we are able to work professionally in an amicable way.'

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'Allegra was extremely professional in briefing and debriefing me on the process and outcome and conducted the mediation quickly and efficiently to facilitate an extremely positive outcome. Both parties are now communicating and working much better together.'

'You were warm and open and created a safe space for both of us. I felt this in the individual session and in the actual mediation.


I also felt you had a really good sense of when to intervene to make sure we were both being heard and when to allow us to do this for ourselves.


I found that the process was also positive in terms of my own self awareness. I was able to identify strengths I have that I was able to use in this situation!'

'For me, having a safe and contained space to be able to say what I needed to say and be heard was really valuable. I found the session and all the prep work and information really helpful and safe and hopefully positive things will flow from it!'

'I really appreciate your help and support on the matter. I know that <name of participant> has asked to see you again for coaching and and overall these sessions were definitely helpful.'

'Allegra's ability to grasp and understand the challenges of the situation was very impressive, especially in a complex organisation like (ours) and particularly with the characters that were within this mediation process. As the leader of the organisation, I felt very involved in the process and was regularly updated on what was happening within the mediation which I found particularly useful.'


'Thank you so much for all of your help. Should we need to, I wouldn't hesitate in contacting you again. Thank you so much for all of your efforts.'

'As the organisational lead commissioning the mediation, I felt extremely confident in the process from start to finish with excellent communication, transparency and expectations managed from start to finish. The mediation supported more transparent communication, dealing with issues quicker and more directly creating an agreement between parties.'


'We are back to where we were - in a positive working relationship before we had any issues.' 


'The mediation helped me to say the things I wanted to say but had been struggling to do. I will now listen more attentively and openly to what is being said.'


'The mediation gave us the ability to cover a wide range of issues in an open, honest and confidential environment.'


'The mediation was open, constructive, practical and "unafraid"'


'We would definitely employ you again. We had come to the end of what HR could achieve with the situation. Thank you for providing such timely support at a challenging time for us.'

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