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effective metaphors for hypnotherapy

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This inspirational book provides therapists with forty, fresh new hypnotherapy metaphors, which have been trialled in the therapeutic environment. It's on the reading list for many hypnotherapy training courses.

Each of the stories positively addresses a variety of universal mental health goals related to: anxiety, anger and depression.


This engaging and effective collection - is a handbook of hypnosis metaphors and suggestions for the professional in practice. 


'Tayma and Allegra have created a fantastic book that can be picked up and used effectively in an instant. A must for therapists that are looking to broaden their knowledge and develop their skills as a practitioner.'


- David Mclean, CEO Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH)'


This book is a modern Aesop's Fables with a take-home message from each story that will have lasting therapeutic value. I'm proud to say that both Tayma and Allegra studied honours degrees in Psychology at Keele University during my tenure as senior lecturer. It's a definite must for anyone practicing hypnotherapy and for all psychotherapists and counsellors.'


- Prof. John Hegarty - Senior Lecturer, Keele University, UK

Printed using environmentally sustainable materials.

This book is available to buy at independent book sellers, Waterstones, ebay and on amazon. It is available on kindle on amazon.

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