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Negative emotions such as: anger, anxiety and depression can be more easily managed if you are calm. In particular, feeling more relaxed can assist you to cope with workplace meditations so that they seem a much less daunting prospect.


Challenging parts of the working day such as presentations, difficult colleagues and feeling overwhelmed will feel a lot less stressful and  manageable if you are feeling relaxed.

Below are a selection of hypnosis recordings which my clients have found useful in their work with me. 

You are invited to find time to sit or lie back, turn off your mobile phone, make sure that you won't be disturbed, snuggle up with a blanket to keep warm and have some 'me time' to let go of the stresses in your life. 

The aim is to support you to feel refreshed, calm and confident. Listening to the relaxation has a cumulative positive effect in terms of releasing tension.

The recordings are hypnosis and involve you becoming deeply relaxed so please do not listen to them when you need to concentrate, such as when driving.

hypnosis recordings

Interview AnxietyAllegra Stone
00:00 / 16:56
Vaping CessationAllegra Stone
00:00 / 27:20
Relaxation and anxiety reduction (no music)Allegra Stone
00:00 / 19:18
Relaxation and anxiety reduction (with music)Allegra Stone
00:00 / 19:18
Mediation AnxietyAllegra Stone
00:00 / 22:06
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