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coaching process

I talk to the employer usually HR or sometimes the CEO in the first instance. With coaching for young people, I may speak to the client's parent.


This could be over the phone, online or face-to-face. We discuss what the most suitable next step to resolve the client's issue.


This advice is free of charge.

If coaching is a suitable next step, the employer or parent introduces me to the employee.


I can undertake a 'chemistry' session or just go straight into coaching.


Chemistry sessions are half an hour and are free of charge.


Their purpose is to see if there is rapport between myself and the client.

A coaching package usually comprises 6 sessions of one and a half hours.


The sessions usually take place monthly but can be more or less frequent, depending on the needs and diary commitments of the client.

The client is able to have a safe space to talk freely about issues relating to their work situation.


Coaching is about unlocking their potential and finding answers to issues to create long-term positive change.


I have a variety of tools and methods to support clients. They include, psychometric diagnostics and hypnotherapy.

The reason why there is a variety is that it's to appeal to everyone, whatever their preferences.

I am trained in many psychometric assessments which can probe into emotional intelligence, innate preferences and current behaviours and attitudes.

It is essential for me to have feedback from my clients and the organisations that employ them. 

I will, therefore, ask for feedback at regular intervals to check that sustainable progress is happening to ensure the best quality of work and value for money for the parent, client or employing organisation.

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