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increasing empowerment workbook

Introducing the 'Increasing Empowerment Workbook from the Coaching Psychology Series—it’s a game-changer for encouraging personal growth.


This Workbook is a go-to if your tendency is to show passive or dominant behaviour.


Many self-help books focus most of their time discussing the problem, this book predominantly focuses on the solutions to becoming empowered. It's all about implementing your choice of a wide range of ideas - to suit your individual needs.


It’s effective because it’s been trialled over seven years by a Coaching Psychologist with her coaching clients and has been honed based on their feedback.


It’s a practical, no-nonsense guide for anyone hungry for real progress to genuinely become more empowered in your interactions and relationships with others.

Professional coaches recommend it for its transformative impact on their clients.


It's part of a series, with three other sister books on increasing confidence, managing emotions and managing self-consciousness. In combination, they support you with your growth journey. It’s full of practical wisdom.


Ready to kickstart your journey towards a more empowered you? Dive into the 'Increasing Empowerment Workbook'—it’s not just a book; it’s the key to unlocking your true potential.

This is a high-quality sustainable, earth-friendly book made from thick,100% recycled paper, which respects our planet. It does not use the amazon print-on-demand service which uses virgin trees.


This is also a large-print dyslexia-friendly book which is Royal size (larger than a standard paperback).

0083 Ebook cover empowerment.jpg

This book is available to pre-order at independent book sellers, Waterstones and on amazon. It is available on kindle on amazon.

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