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coaching PSYCHOLOGY services

Employing an external coach means getting an impartial, professional specialist to work with individuals who may need support with a variety of workplace issues.


Coaching can take place face-to-face or online or on the telephone.


I also work with associate coaches to address issues where there are multiple clients with differing needs.

I specialise in supporting businesses and individuals with potentially derailing behaviours. This might include: outbursts at work, sexual harassment, issues around conflict and more.

I have experience working with the charitable, health, academic, creative, technical, public and engineering sectors.


Please contact me directly for a free initial discussion.

what is emotional management/Conflict coaching?

Emotional management is at the root of resilience. Here a client explores their strengths and how they have overcome challenging situations in the past. Alongside this they learn to downgrade the threat of what they perceive they are up against.

Analysing a client's stressors and how they can respond to stressors with specific tools in the future is key.

Wewill have unique ways of addressing healthier ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. Coaching can instil resilience tools into life-long habits. 

Often clients do not immediately admit to having an issue with anger. This is because it is still one of the most taboo emotions. I work with clients to show them that anger is a very normal emotion and that it can be easily managed with motivation and focus.


No matter what anger has been shown, this is usually the symptom of another issue which requires support. I have a wide variety of ways to do this, including in the  'Managing Emotions Workbook'.

what is confidence coaching?

Confidence coaching is about improving your relationship with yourself.


For some people it can seem an alien concept. However, when you think about your inner voice this can either either undermine or support you by being critical or kind.

Confidence coaching looks at how you treat yourself, speak to yourself and generally nurture and believe in yourself.


The great news here is that this is just an attitude and can be changed with work and support.

My comprehensive 'Inner Confidence Workbook' helps develop a positive an nurturing relationship with yourself.

what is empowerment coaching?

Empowerment coaching is about how you improve your interactions and relationships with others. 

It is about identifying your goals and pursuing them in a focused way. 

Empowerment is also about being able to turn people down politely, as well as being clear about what your boundaries are and why. 

In the past, assertiveness has got a bad reputation because it was about pushing your own agenda without considering the needs of others. Empowerment acknowledges this and respects the opinions of others.

Empowerment coaching is ultimately about achieving what you need, without compromise or regret. This is likely to give you increased meaning, motivation and direction.

I have an 'Increasing Empowerment Workbook' details ways to address this.


what is INTERVIEW coaching?

Once a client has made the leap to applying for jobs, I provide coaching to help with the selection and interview processes.


So far, all my clients have successfully achieved the positions that they have applied for after undertaking interview and assessment centre coaching with me.

Confidence and self-consciousness can be at the root of fears about interviews but this is an area I'm experienced in supporting with. My book 'Managing Self-consciousness' can be a very useful tool in these situations.

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