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One of the most stressful periods of time at work is when you might be involved with an interpersonal rift at work. 


This might include a grievance, disciplinary, investigation or mediation. Whatever your part in that, or the outcome, it's likely that you will have been involved in difficult, challenging situation.

Conflict coaching is about working through the issues that arose from the conflict and finding a sustainable and workable route through.


It could be that you are still working with people you have had a disagreement, personality clash or relationship breakdown with in the past.

Conflict coaching specifically looks at how to move on, be curious about your own behaviours and get a route through to protect your mental and physical health. The aim is to get you to where you should be, a functioning and settled member of your team.

Working with someone who is entirely independent from the situation can be very helpful in terms of getting some distance and perspective as well as learning tools to manage the inevitable stress that goes with these situations.

I also work with associate coaches who specialise in conflict coaching in organisations with multiple requirements for conflict coaching.


I draw on these associates when, for example, I have been the mediator between two participants and cannot coach both participants when it is concluded, due to a conflict of interest.


client feedback about conflict coaching

This was an invaluable exercise for me to take part in. It provided a mix of validation of my values and also helped me to work out possible directions for the future.'

'I have reflected on Thursdays session and found it really helpful, even in terms of feeling better in the short term, so thanks again.' 


'Thank you so much for our session this morning. I feel I have gained so much from it and if I do as we discussed it will be life changing.'


'Highly recommend Allegra, her feedback and support were on time. In addition, her friendly manner makes you feel welcomed and open to express your thoughts and feelings. She is very supportive, encouraging and empowering.'


'The coaching sessions took place in a non-threatening, well-paced and supportive atmosphere. Allegra encouraged honesty and made it clear there were no judgments being made, which helped to explore a wide range of possibilities on the journey to identify solutions. I strongly recommend Allegra to others for coaching.'


'I have recently had the opportunity to make use of Allegra's coaching skills and can highly recommend her services. She has a knack of being able to guide your thinking, always making sure you feel that you are firmly in control of your decisions and choices. She is great at role playing to help you to see where your reactions are coming from and how you can work on improving them. I have greatly progressed during our sessions together over the last few months - get in touch with her and let her work her magic on you!'


‘It was one of the singularly most productive meetings of my career! … Prior to it, I was very close to handing in my notice, I saw little point in continuing … Our meeting helped me to put things into perspective, to approach the situation more constructively and to focus on solutions and strategies.’


'You are approachable, you don't judge, you listen. You reinforced the elements that I undertake well, and gave practical advice going forward to develop the elements that I need to work on.'

'That was so such an interesting meeting for me, and its been really good having practical ways of changing my work to help me with my personality traits'.

'The sessions were great actually. I still think about things that we have discussed and am continuing to try to make changes. I feel that they have had a positive impact. It has made me think about how I do things  to help myself improve and manage certain situations. 


I have made changes which have helped me, for example setting aside time for myself and by reminding myself that how I feel in certain instances need not be affected by my colleagues.'

'Definitely worthwhile. Helps to identify strengths as well as areas to develop. Allegra is very supportive and offers further advice/coaching. Would strongly consider if you were struggling at work in any way.'

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