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effective metaphors for children

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Interview on Cirencester Radio - 29/05/2017

Perhaps you would like a book to help anxiety in children. This book helps them to have increased self-confidence, overcome anxiety, bullying or bed-wetting - and adjust to change.


It aims to support kids to feel understood and empowered to bring about emotional health and resilience via therapeutic stories.It can be used by:- hypnotherapists in the therapeutic environment – including: hypnosis for children and other psychological therapies including with adults to engage with the 'inner child'- primary school teachers e.g. in 'circle time' - as a discussion tool- parents as a bed-time story to encourage a child to open up about emotional issues – a method for therapeutic parenting.


This a handbook/treasury of forty stories is the second in the series after: 'Effective Metaphors for Hypnotherapy.' They're both simply effective at creating positive change.


Approximately half of the stories are duplicated by gender to provide:1 - a tailored hypnotic experience2 – support to some therapists e.g. who have dyslexia and find it challenging to change pronouns as they read during treatment sessions.


'The lightness of touch with trickier topics such as bereavement and differently parented families makes this perfect for school use.'- Lynda Hudson, Author ‘Scripts and Strategies in Hypnotherapy with Children.’


'...the language is accessible to children and increases their self-awareness, whilst gently challenging negative fixed beliefs. Emotional intelligence is a key ingredient to a child's future success and 'Effective Metaphors for Children' supports this development.'- Dr Michelle Clubb, PhD, Educational Psychologist

Printed using environmentally sustainable materials.

This book is available to buy at independent booksellers, Waterstones, ebay and on amazon. It is available on kindle on amazon.

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