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psychometrics- the process


When clients discuss their results, they often find key insights from the detailed and comprehensive information they receive.


They may find that there are many areas that they are comfortable with.


However, there may also be areas where they want to explore and understand more and, potentially  adjust their behaviours. This can make them more effective in the workplace. 

Some clients may decide to focus on getting to know colleagues better, become more organised, develop their leadership style or to seek solutions for emotional issues such as stress or anger.


Psychometrics are also a great way to assist with career decisions and get a clear sense of direction for the future.

They also help clients to understand differences between themselves and their colleagues.


Psychometric testing, using a well-respected and validated tool is a great way to assist  you with gaining personal insight.

It allows you to understand how your unique personality compares with others to help you potentially develop yourself and to manage relationships. 


  • The NEO PI 3 inventory measures 36 fascinating areas of your  personality and looks in-depth at your behaviours. It's a fantastic holistic tool for gaining insight.

  • MBTI is the most well-known and used psychometric in the world and can be useful for learning about yourself and how you work with others.

  • EQi looks at your emotional intelligence and can compare you with leaders and how you compare.


All the assessments can be done online.


Questionnaires take between 30 and 40 minutes to complete.

We then book a time to discuss and interpret the report which could be face-to-face or online.

I recommend a session of an hour and a half for each psychometric tool undertaken.

Clients keep a copy of all reports for future reference.


I use psychometric assessments for developmental purposes to support coaching.



'I have made changes which have helped me, for example setting aside time for myself and by reminding myself that how I feel in certain instances need not be affected by my colleagues.


Allegra was clearly prepared and had read the psychometric reports (NEOPI3 and EQi) in detail and was very thorough and focused on items that were more relevant.'


'Since our meeting, I have reviewed/considered the results and how I could improve this to become more effective in my role and in my personal life. Additionally I have noted how others could perceive this to assess if I were to change whether this changes my effectiveness or not.'


'The feedback I have received was given to me in a positive, encouraging way, helping me to highlight areas in which I can work to make me a better (name of profession) and a happier person.'


'NEOPI3 is a useful tool to identify areas that may need addressing to make your work life more rewarding/efficient'


'The NEO assessment provided me with a unique insight into my personality. There were a few findings that surprised me and these enabled me to identify topics for deeper thought and focus in moving forward. I have developed a greater awareness of my personal position in terms of career planning and finding the right path for me.  A great tool.'


‘Allegra administered the NEO personality inventory.  I found her detailed and personalised approach to the feedback from this enlightening and insightful.’


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