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ethics and standards 

The following explains how I adhere to the GDPR and also what ethical and professional standards I use in my capacity as a coach and workplace mediator.

  1. I only email clients who have said that they wish to be contacted. A preference to be emailed will be included on correspondence when we start working together or if you are explicitly asked by me at another time.

  2. I keep client notes for coaching and psychometric feedback for seven years, as this has been stipulated by my insurance company. Thereafter my notes and records of client meetings are deleted or destroyed. This also includes psychometric test reports.

  3. I keep confidential any information regarding my coaching, mediation or psychometric testing sessions to anyone other than the client to whom it refers - unless I have their explicit permission.

  4. All mediation agreements are only sent to participants unless I have their explicit permission.

  5. I destroy all notes from workplace mediations immediately after their cessation.

  6. Should I wish to use material regarding a client in any book I write, e.g. as a case study, I will ask their explicit permission beforehand.

  7. Any supervision I undertake for my professional development does not use the name of the client or identifies them in any way to any third party.

  8. I keep the name, email address and telephone number of my clients in order to contact them to arrange appointments and provide information about meetings. Any payment information is held securely. If a client wishes to be deleted from this database they can request this at any time.

  9. I do not share the personal, sensitive or any other kind of data provided by my clients to any other organisation without their express permission (e.g. to refer to another professional). 

  10. I do not mention the names of organisations I work with, only the sector they are from.

  11. All of my clients have a right to be forgotten/erased from my information systems and subject to the advice of my insurance company I am willing to arrange permanent deletion.

  12. I adhere to the GDPR in its entirety and am open to receiving requests to provide any information I hold on clients directly to them.

  13. Any information collected via my online feedback process will be used for my developmental purposes. Any quotations shared on my website will be anonymised.

  14. I do not use the personal data of my clients in any other way than is described.

  15. I adhere to the British Psychological Society's Code of Conduct  in terms of my ethical standards and practice.

Practical Issues

  1. Office hours are: Monday to Friday - 09:00 to 17:00 GMT, Saturday and Sunday - closed, UK Bank Holidays - closed. 

  2. It is unlikely that appointments will take place on a Tuesday or a Wednesday although in some cases this can be arranged. As I appreciate that it is not always convenient to attend a session during working hours, out of hours appointments can be made available.

  3. All enquiries must be received by e-mail or phone and clients will get a reply within 24 hours.

  4. Payment is usually made via bank transfer after presentation of an invoice.

  5. Allegra Stone Mediation is not responsible for any mental health problems clients may experience as a result of participating in coaching or mediation.

  6. Allegra Stone Mediation maintains the correct and appropriate insurance with a reputable UK Insurer - details of cover can be provided upon written request. 

  7. If you have any complaint or feedback - please use the email or form below. Every attempt will be made to support and resolve any issues.