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ethics, standards and GDPR

The following explains how the company 'Allegra Stone Mediation' and its associates both adhere to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation, 2018) and what ethical and professional standards we use in our capacity as a coach and/or workplace mediator. This also provides details about business processes.


  1. Allegra Stone Mediation will only email clients who wish to be contacted. There will be the option to unsubscribe to the quarterly newsletter.

  2. Any written testimonials provided by clients will be marked as such on the survey in terms of potentially being used for marketing purposes. These will always be anonymised.


  1. Allegra Stone Mediation keeps client notes regarding coaching and psychometric feedback for eight years, as this has been stipulated by for insurance purposes. Thereafter notes and records of client meetings are deleted and/or destroyed.

  2. Allegra Stone Mediation does not keep records of paper and electronic copies of psychometric test reports after eight years from the date of the test - this includes deletion from the online test systems.

  3. All personal sensitive client information is kept securely and cannot be accessed by anyone except Allegra Stone or her Associates. Associates cannot access information relating to each other's clients.

  4. All mediation agreements (detailing the outcomes of workplace mediations) are only sent to participants - unless Allegra Stone Mediation has their explicit permission to share them with another party. 

  5. Allegra Stone Mediation destroys all notes from workplace mediations immediately after their cessation excepting the Working Plan.

  6. Allegra Stone Mediation records basic data on clients i.e. their name, email address and telephone number in order to contact them to arrange appointments and provide information about coaching or workplace mediation sessions.

  7. Any payment information is held securely on accounting software. This is only shared with HMRC and Allegra Stone Mediation Accountants.

  8. All clients have a right to be forgotten/erased from Allegra Stone Mediation's marketing information systems.

  9. Allegra Stone Mediation adheres to GDPR in its entirety and is open to receiving requests to provide any information held on clients directly to them. Allegra Stone Mediation will provide any coaching or hypnotherapy notes to clients if they request it within 30 days of the request. Please note that mediation notes cannot be provided as they are destroyed immediately after mediations. The reason for keeping notes is to be familiar with the issues relating to the clients and prepare for sessions in order to be as effective as possible. 

  10. Any information collected via feedback process (such as online feedback forms) will be used for developmental purposes only and will not be shared unless the question specifically states that it will be for marketing purposes.

  11. Allegra Stone Mediation will work with children aged 17. In this case, parental consent must be given prior to any coaching session. At the age of 18 the client will contract directly with Allegra Stone Mediation. Data relating to children will be kept until the client reaches the age of 26.

  12. All paperwork relating to coaching, mediation and hypnotherapy is kept in a locked filing cabinet.


  1. Allegra Stone Mediation keeps confidential any information regarding coaching psychology, workplace mediation and/or psychometric testing sessions to anyone other than the client to whom it refers - unless there is explicit permission from the client.

  2. If Allegra Stone Mediation believes that a client may be at risk of serious harm to themselves or others or may be a terrorist risk or may be in breach of the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974 and 2015) then Allegra Stone Mediation reserves the right to contact the relevant authorities, if necessary without permission of the client.

  3. Any supervision Allegra Stone Mediation undertakes (whether this be group or 1-1) for professional development will not identify clients to that supervisory third party - their name and organisation for example would not be provided. Supervision is also contracted on a confidential basis. The supervisor also abides by GDPR.

  4. Allegra Stone Mediation does not share personal or sensitive data regarding our clients to any other organisation without their written consent. 

  5. Clients may discuss their treatment with others if they wish at their discretion.

Ethics and Standards

  1. Allegra Stone Mediation adheres to the ethical standards and practice and the standards of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council in the UK (EMCC).

  2. Allegra Stone Mediation and her associates maintains the correct and appropriate insurance with a reputable UK Insurer - details of cover can be provided to clients in response to a written request. 

Practical Matters

  1. Office hours are: Monday to Friday - 09:00 to 17:00 GMT. The office is closed on Saturday and Sunday - and on UK Bank Holidays although, in exceptional circumstances, weekend and appointments outside working hours may be possible upon request. 

  2. All enquiries received by e-mail or phone to the email address below will get a reply within 48 hours (except if sent on a Friday or Saturday - where responses may take longer).

  3. All fees to businesses will be explicitly explained in advance of all coaching psychology or workplace mediation sessions via written quotation.

  4. Non-business clients are requested to pay fees prior to coaching sessions.

  5. Allegra Stone Mediation and her associates are not responsible for any mental health problems clients may experience after participating in coaching psychology or workplace mediation.

  6. If we happen to meet outside a session, Allegra Stone will not initiate a conversation with clients. The reason for this is to ensure that our working relationship remains confidential. However, if you initiate a conversation, then an assumption will be made that you have given your consent to recognise our working relationship.

  7. If a client has a complaint or feedback - please use the email or form below. Every attempt will be made to support, respond and resolve issues and prioritise this.

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