Jo Hopkins, Communications Consultant is an experienced  practitioner of communication skills.


She is able to provide tailored feedback (usually via Skype) to clients seeking to understand their behaviour from an Advanced Communication Skills professional. She conducts role plays and provides supportive and bespoke advice to her clients, including those from overseas who may particularly benefit from cultural awareness.


Jo has worked with many organisations and since 2011 has been commissioned to work with doctors.

e: m: 07963 512979 s: joanna.hopkins39

Liggy Webb is a leading practitioner of behavioural skills, who works internationally specialising in organisational and individual resilience and agility. She is the author of several books exploring a range of techniques and practical strategies to support the demands and challenges of modern living.


She is also the founder Director of The Learning Architect established in 2006, a learning and development consultancy, who work with a broad range of organisations including the BBC, Walt Disney, The NHS, the World Trade Organisation, Ralph Lauren, Sainsburys, Office of National Statistics, RNLI and various universities, public sector organisations and charities.

In 2014, Robin Shaw, Aspergers Specialist founded Aspiregers.


His aim is to make a positive difference supporting people with different abilities and raise awareness for and provide specialist support to people who are not 'neuro-typical'.


He is an entertaining, dynamic presenter who has taken his educational show to festivals and schools. He also works at University of Gloucestershire.

Joanna Redbond is a registered counsellor based in The Cotswolds.  She can offer you a confidential space to talk openly about the difficulties in your life and then work with you to address them.  


People access counselling for many reasons, some of the most common being stress, anxiety, depression, bereavement, addictive behaviours and relationship troubles.  Joanna currently works with adults and adolescents, and has over 10 years’ experience working in education with students of all ages.


To get in touch with Joanna and to find out more about her practice, visit:  or