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Effective Metaphors for Hypnotherapy by Allegra Etheridge/Allegra Stone

This inspirational book provides readers with forty fresh new metaphors, which have been trialled in the therapeutic environment.


Each positively addresses a variety of universal goals. 

The authors are Tayma Wallbridge, an experienced hypnotherapist and Allegra Etheridge* - a writer. Both have honours degrees in Psychology.


This engaging and effective collection  will prove useful to hypnotherapists, counsellors, psychotherapists and other professionals, as well as for people interested in owning a collection of uplifting stories.


This book was published in 2015.

Listen to the metaphors via Danny Glasspool's online hypnotherapy recordings.

The metaphors have also been used online extensively during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide support to adults and children through relaxation sessions with a variety of therapists.


I am also specialist contributor on Workplace Mediation in the following book for HR Generalists:

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Effective Metaphors for Children by Allegra Etheridge/Allegra Stone

Perhaps you know a child who would benefit from increased self-confidence - who wants to overcome being bullied or to manage their anger. They may be bed-wetting - or have moved house and are adjusting to change.


They could be struggling with bereavement or illness. Just as each child is unique, so the forty metaphorical stories in this book address a wide range of issues which are unique to children. 

The book can be used:

- in the therapeutic environment
- by teachers as a discussion tool at school
- by parents at home, as a bed-time story

'Effective Metaphors for Children' aims to support a child to feel understood and empowered to bring about their own emotional good health and resilience.

This book was published in 2017.

Both books are available to purchase at Waterstones Booksellers.

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