psychometric assessment and feedback

​I am qualified to administer psychometric assessments including the 'big five' personality test NEO-PI-3, the emotional intelligence assessment EQ-i 2.0 and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.

To date, I have currently conducted over 150 psychometric assessment feedback sessions with clients and have extensive experience in this area.


I use psychometric assessments to support clients with self-awareness and as part of developmental coaching and  behavioural change. I find these are a great short-cut to finding out where the client has personal strengths and potential areas for development.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is particularly useful when looking at your psychological preferences and can be a very useful tool when looking into conflict management and stress management.

Psychometric tools can also be used after a workplace mediation and as part of coaching.

NEO-PI-3 and EQi

NEO-PI-3 is a comprehensive holistic personality assessment tool and the main areas which I commonly use to support coaching are:


  • anxiety - how much you worry and whether you would benefit with support to reduce your level of worry

  • how angry you feel - and whether this leads to conflict with others

  • how depressed you feel - and whether you would benefit from counselling support

  • how self-conscious you feel - and whether this impacts on your work such as with giving presentations

  • how stressed you feel - and what self-care activities may be useful to you

  • whether you can 'sell' yourself when it's required - say in a job interview or if you are too modest to do this

  • how much compassion you have towards others and how much you are willing to actively support others

  • how easy you find it to create rapport and empathy

  • how willing you are to assert yourself by saying 'no' or asking for what you want

  • how fast paced your life is compared with others and whether you may be at risk of burnout

  • how much you enjoy excitement seeking behaviours and whether this 'ruffles feathers' at work

  • whether aesthetics: art, music, dance, literature could help you cope with stressful situations

  • how open you are to your own feelings and whether you need to tune in more to yourself and express that to others

  • how confident you feel inside and whether you need to nourish yourself more

  • how emotionally self-aware you are and how much insight you have into yourself

  • how ordered you are and whether you need to consider more sophisticated time-management activities or organisational approaches 

  • how ambitious you are and how much you feel you are on the right track with your career

  • how disciplined you are and are willing to do the things you don't like

  • how long it takes for you to make a decision and how much you use objectivity and emotion in that decision

  • how ethical you are in your work practice

  • how dependent you are on other people and are wiling to make your own decisions and be independent

  • how optimistic you are and how much of your true self you show to the world

  • your strengths and weaknesses as a leader

Psychometric tools are suitable for anyone over the age of 16.


Once the client identifies areas they wish to work on, then I provide support via workbooks with positive behavioural change.

Please view my testimonials which show how clients have personally benefited from using this service.