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​I am registered with the British Psychological Society to administer the internationally renowned psychometric tool (NEO-PI-3) - a 'big five' personality test. I am also registered to test clients in their level of emotional intelligence via the EQ-i 2.0 tool.


I use these in the context of supporting clients with self-awareness and as part of developmental coaching and putting in place potential behavioural change.

Psychometric tools can also be used after a workplace mediation and as part of coaching.

NEO-PI-3 is a comprehensive holistic tool covering:


  • emotional reactivity: levels of internal anxiety, anger, depression, impulsiveness, self consciousness and a person's ability manage stress.

  • agreeableness: how trusting, straightforward, compliant, modest, compassionate and altruistic people are

  • extraversion: how friendly, sociable, assertive and positive people are with others as well as how quick paced their life is and how much they enjoy excitement seeking behaviours.

  • openness: how open people are to aesthetics, feelings, new activities, values, ideas as well as their level of imagination.

  • conscientiousness: looks at self belief, order, ambition, self-discipline and deliberation as well as how dutiful they are.

Once the client identifies areas they wish to work on, then I provide support via workbooks with positive behavioural change.

Emotional intelligence also looks at a client's emotional intelligence in relation to their leadership skills.

Psychometric tools are suitable for anyone over the age of 16 and are administered by the company Hogrefe.

Please also view my testimonials which show how clients have personally benefited from using this service.



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