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Coaching is a proven method to address behavioural or developmental issues in the workplace. Employing an external coach means getting an impartial, professional expert to work in areas of a business or with individuals who may need support.


Coaching comprises private 1-1 sessions with employees targeted around challenges they may be having at work. Coaching can take place face-to-face or via Skype, Zoom or MS Teams. 

As well as providing standard coaching services to business I also specialise in challenging behaviours. These might include: outbursts at work, victimisation, sexual harassment, inappropriate behaviours, post-disciplinary interventions, relationship breakdown and support with managing challenging staff behaviours.

I have experience working with the charitable, health, creative, technical and engineering sectors.


Please contact me directly for a free initial discussion.


Allegra Stone Mediation

Nailsworth, Gloucestershire


Tel: 07854 394427

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